The landscape of generosity is changing

Between the pulpit, the pews, and spaces outside the church, generosity is defined differently. What does it truly mean to live a generous life? This question was at the heart of Thrivent’s research in partnership with Barna Group.


The Generosity Story insights report

Did you know that 91% of U.S. pastors strongly agree that Christian churches have a responsibility to teach Christians how to be generous?
But only 7% of U.S. pastors strongly agree that Christian churches are successful at developing generous people.
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The Generosity Expresssions®

What is generosity?

In its simplest form, we define generosity as “giving to others.” Using research in partnership with Barna, Thrivent discovered five primary ways in which U.S. Christians choose to be generous: monetary support, volunteering/service, hospitality, gifts and emotional/relational support. We call these the Generosity Expressions.

Each of these expressions can be categorized into two broad groups—giving of things (whether money or other items we possess) and giving of self (where we are interpersonally and often physically involved).

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Source: Research conducted by Barna Group (April and May 2022)